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In the very near future, hopefully the end of January, 2012, this blog will be absorbed into a new website, Psychedelics & Language. ¬†Xenolinguistics is expanding to feature the intriguing xenolinguists that have contacted me over the years, through this blog, at conferences, or in the psychedelic sphere. It will have a blog section with articles on psychedelics and language topics, by myself and others. There’s even a store, for e-books, tree-books, free downloads, and xenolinguistical swag, and a free iPhone/iPad app of the Glide Oracle.

And some personal news: I completed the Ph.d. in November, 2010, at the University of Plymouth, UK, in the Planetary Collegium program under the direction of Roy Ascott.   In October, 2011, I accepted a position at the Institute for the Encouragement of Outrageous Ideas where I now hold, gingerly, the McKenna Chair of Xenolinguistics.

If you visit Psychedelics & Language now, you can sign up to be informed when the site goes live.

Dr. Diana Reed Slattery

Dept. of Xenolinguistics

The Institute for the Encouragement of Outrageous Ideas


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