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Here’s the definition of Technoetics from the recently formed open Facebook group “Art, Technology, Consciousness: Technoetics.

Technoetics is a convergent field of practice that seeks to explore consciousness and connectivity through digital, telematic, chemical or spiritual means, embracing both interactive and psychoactive technologies, and the creative use of moistmedia.

On the analog side, there’s a journal as well.  Technoetics Arts:  A Journal of Speculative Research.

And a Ph.D. program, out of the University of Plymouth, UK, called the Planetary Collegium.  How many Ph.D. programs do you know that harbor a wide variety of interesting artists of the electronic persuasion, bio-artists as well, and those interested in doing research in topics psychedelic?


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“Everything is deeply intertwingled” —Ted Nelson

On Independence Day, I propose a new Declaration of Interdependence, as a founding document of any psychedelically catalyzed cultural movement worthy of the name.
Scientific materialism and the notion of the objective gaze, severed head and heart, reason and emotion.

I declare the interdependence of my heart and my head.

I declare my interdependence in the biosphere. We are all intricately woven together with virtually the same operating system. In a sense, we’re a single body/mind of many bodies and minds. This body of bodies has been called many things: Terilhard de Chardin’s noosphere; Gaia; Kali Ma; Terence McKenna’s hyperdimensional body at the end of time; and the mystical body of Christ. These Bodies of bodies, Minds of minds, grow both ever more complex and complexly interdependent while multiplying independence examples (diversity) at the same time.

This is a starting point for many more articles I think.

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